Pine Mountain Jump

Pine Mountain Jump

Pine Mountain JumpThe Pine Mountain Jump is one of the highest man-made ski jumps in the world.  It is located in Iron Mountain, Michigan and is one of the highlights to see in the area. It is part of the Kiwanis Ski Club and still hosts annual FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup competitions.  Pine Mountain Jump has been open since 1937 and holds the United States record for longest overall distance ski jump at 471 feet.  Attendance at competitions can reach as high as 20,000 spectators.

Pine Mountain Jump has an excellent reputation with the ski jumping community and is considered by many to be one of the best locations in the world for the sport.  The view from the top is spectacular.  The top reaches nearly 600 feet above the surrounding landscape, making the view similar in scope to looking out from a 60 story skyscraper.  There are two other significant ski jumps located in Upper Michigan.  One is called Copper Peak, located near Ironwood, Michigan.  The other is Suicide Hill, located near Ishpeming, Michigan and near the National Ski Hall of Fame.

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