Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls The Sturgeon River is one of the major rivers that flows through Upper Michigan and one of the best waterfalls along it is Canyon Falls.  In the spring there is a raging torrent of water passing over the drop that creates a powerful and majestic sight.  Later when the water level lowers, you can explore more of the gorge and the beautiful rock formations along it.   Canyon Falls Rock Ledges The canyon is made of unique square rock that makes for sharp ledges and almost man-made looking walls.

Canyon Falls is located about 15 miles south of L’Anse, MI along Hwy 41.  The trailhead is located at a roadside park and the hike back to Canyon Falls is only about 1 mile in length.  There are many rapids and some smaller drops downstream from the main falls. Much farther downstream, the gorge widens and deepens, becoming a mile wide and 300 deep.  This a must visit when you are in the Baraga/L’Anse area!

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