Hungarian Falls

Hungarian Falls

Upper Hungarian FallsThis is a unique waterfall in that a local community fundraising project in 2013 kept part of it open to the general public. Hungarian Falls is located in Hubbell, Michigan not far from Houghton/Hancock and is seperated into three different drops.  The upper falls and the surrounding 10 acres was put into a land trust that saved it from being bought up by a private party.  Now the waterfall is able to be seen by visitors and their posterity down the decades.  To learn more about how this happened visit the trust website at:

Middle Hungarian FallsDownstream from the Hungarian Falls Nature Area are the other two falls that make up Hungarian Falls.  These are both located on DNR land and are open to the public.  The middle falls is sometimes referred to as “The Bluffs” and is a very beautiful spot to visit even if the water levels are low.  The falls drop about 25 feet vertically over sandstone ledges and fallen boulders.  The middle falls finishes into a small pool underneath surrounded by a white pine and hemlock forest.

Lower Hungarian FallsThe lower falls are the most spectacular of the three and during the spring run-off rank as one of the most beautiful in all of Upper Michigan.  Here Hungarian Falls drops approximately 100 feet into a majestic gorge below.  The best view of the falls is from below, however this is a difficult climb down as there are no trails leading to the base.  Many visitors choose to stay above, watch the falls, and also enjoy the beautiful view of nearby Torch Lake.

The Keweenaw Visitor’s Bureau provides this information to reach Hungarian Falls:

Along M-26 west of Lake Linden in Tamarack City, turn north onto 6th Street. Take the left fork (Golf Course Road) and drive up the hill 0.5 miles to an access road on your left marked by a closed gate. Park along the shoulder and hike in along this access for 0.2 miles.  Turn right at the fork to access the KLT’s Hungarian Falls Nature Area, or turn left to visit the lower falls.

All 4 waterfalls can be visited in 45 minutes to an hour and are worth the trip!  Trails can often be eroded or steep, be sure to watch your footing as you traverse the gorge.

In winter, this stretch of Golf Course Road is not plowed.  Either park at the bottom of the hill and hike up, or drive in from the northern end of Golf Course Road (off of US-41) and park at the end of the plow line and hike south to the falls.

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