Ore Dock Brewery

Ore Dock Brewery Description:

Ore Dock BreweryPeople in the U.P. work hard, take great pride in what is produced locally and have answered the call in supporting and improving the local economy. The name “Ore Dock Brewing Company” was chosen because we see our local ore docks as grand and iconic reminders of Marquette and the U.P.’s past, present, and future identity. We hope to provide a product and establishment that our community can be proud of for many years to come!

As a microbrewery, our focus is on providing a wide variety of beer styles in addition to fostering the local interest in the brewing of craft beer. We consider brewing to be a craft and, whether you are brewing in your garage or on a huge production system, brewing a good beer and sharing it with others is a great way to bring together friends or even an entire community. We are proud to live in a town that is currently supporting two brewpubs and a nanobrewery, and look forward to doing our part to be a leader in the craft brewing revolution.

We will fill any growler as well if you would like some of our beer to go!  We are food friendly; bring in something to eat while you enjoy a tasty brew.

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