Presque Isle River Waterfalls

Presque Isle River Waterfalls

Presque Isle River Waterfalls Loop

This hiking trail is a 2.3 mile loop located near Wakefield, Michigan and is rated as moderate in difficulty. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is available from May until October. The Presque Isle River Waterfalls Loop includes a series of waterfalls, as well as a bridge across the Presque Isle River to an island.

Within the Porcupine Mountains State Park,  this beautiful attraction includes a rustic 50 unit campground, a picnic area and nice network of trails along the river with viewing platforms for the scenic waterfalls and rapids that populate the river.  The major falls on the river are Nawadaha Falls, Manido Falls, & Manabezho Falls.  Manabezho Falls is the largest falls with a 25′ vertical drop.

Manido FallsCaution: The falls and rapids of the Presque Isle River have very strong currents and numerous deep holes. Please respect the power and hidden dangers of this turbulent river. For more information on these waterfalls you can reach the park office at 906-885- 5275.

Directions: Just outside of Wakefield on Hwy M28 take Cty Rd 519 North up a incline. When you come to South Boundary Rd keep going straight to reach the park. This road is approximately 22 miles long.

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