Black River Waterfalls

Black River Waterfalls Section

Black River WaterfallsThe Wild and Scenic River section of the Black River of Gogebic County is known for the many waterfalls produced as the river runs from near Copper Peak to Lake Superior. Black River waterfalls drop more than 200 feet over five separate drops beginning two miles from its mouth.  These waterfalls are described below:

Great Conglomerate Falls – This is a very large waterfall which is divided by a wide conglomerate rock formation. This waterfall is well marked and the walking trail is 3/4 mile long.

Potawatomi Falls – This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the Black River. A restroom is available at this site. The walking trail is about 1/8 mile long.

Gorge Falls – This waterfall drops 34 feet. Potawatomi and Gorge Falls are accessible by the same parking area. The walking trail is also about 1/8 mile long.

Sandstone Falls
– This waterfall drops over different rock slabs giving it a unique appearance. It is located on a beautiful spot on the Black River, with a well marked, 1/4 mile long walking trail.

Rainbow Falls – The last and biggest in the series of waterfalls along the Black River. The scenery is spectacular along your 1/2 mile walk to the waterfall. There are many stairs, so please take your time.

Directions: From Hwy US 2 in Bessemer take Powderhorn Rd North. When you come to the T in the road at the stop sign, make a left hand turn onto Black River Rd. You will find all the waterfalls along this road. This road is approximately 14 miles long.

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