Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf MountainLocated near Marquette, Sugarloaf Mountain is the most popular of three beautiful overlooks in the area.  It is a 470 foot peak of granite that allows hikers scenic views of the Lake Superior shoreline, the city of Marquette, and gorgeous views inland.  It is located about six miles northwest of Marquette along County Road 550 which eventually leads you to Big Bay.

Sugarloaf Mountain is maintained by Marquette County.  Most visitors stop at the parking area at the base of Sugarloaf and hike the 304 wooden stairs up to the top.  Near the peak there are two trails marked easy and more difficult that will eventually lead you to the lookout platforms.  There are three lookout platforms stationed at the top of the mountain.  They each face a slightly different angle and thus give you a complete 360 degree view in total.  The first platform faces toward the city of Marquette with views of Presque Isle Park, the Superior Dome, and the Ore Dock.  The second lookout faces north towards Little Presque Isle Island and Wetmore Landing.  The third looks west towards Hogsback Mountain and the beautiful interior of the UP.

A more adventurous option to reach the top of Sugarloaf Mountain is to hike the backside.  There is a parking lot at Wetmore Landing not far from Sugarloaf that most people use to stop by the beach.  This is a great spot to hang out and go swimming, however there is also a trail that leads from here up to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.  The hike is a few miles in length and is much more challenging that taking the stairs from the front.

Sugarloaf Mountain

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